3.3 READ – Distribution Analysis

The entry strategy is also sometimes referred to as the distribution policy. How will you approach your target market in the chosen export country? Will you be using an intermediary or are you going to collaborate with another company? The question is, through which channel will your product be sold? When choosing an entrance strategy, … Read more

3.2 READ – Customer Analysis

The foreign market has many different sorts and types of customers. That is why it is important to make an overview first. This is done by segmenting. A segment is a group of (potential) customers that have a number of similar characteristics.   You choose and select these characteristics in the following ways: Geographic segmentation … Read more

3.1 READ – Competitive Analysis

It is extremely important to know who your competitors are. A competition analysis looks at individual competitors and you analyze and predict of the behavior and reactions of the competitors. You also map out the characteristics of your competitors. The prisoners dilemma model provides insight into how strategic dependence can have a stabilizing effect. It … Read more