2.4 LINK – Hofstede-Insights

Culture Compass™ For an online country comparison on six subjects, please refer to the website of: → https://www.hofstede-insights.com/country-comparison/      

2.5 READ – Industry Analysis

Doing an industry analysis when you start your company in a certain industry in a foreign market. Take the following aspects into account: 1) The attractiveness of the foreign market To analyse this, we use: Macro Environment Forces Macro environments influence organizations. They are outside forces which can’t be controlled by individuals within a company. … Read more

2.3 READ- Export Country Selection

Make a selection of countries, regions or markets that are attractive to export to There is a method to test competitiveness. Which potential countries and markets can be selected for which product lines and/or services. This is a project for which, for example, a student can be deployed. You compare the selected countries with your … Read more

2.2 READ – Internal and External Analysis

If you want to take your product or service abroad, it is important to know whether your company is capable of exporting. Does your company have certain characteristics to successfully enter the foreign market and what can be improved in order to internationalize successfully? Internal Analysis The internal analysis consists of three elements: the organization … Read more

2.1 READ – Business Definition

The business definition determines the principles and the international strategic direction of exporting. It describes in what business the company is active, whom they serve and how they do that. These three dimensions consist of products, customers and needs. The company’s strategy is based on the fulfillment of the needs of certain customer groups. The … Read more