1.1 DO – Export Intake Scan

Before you and your coach have your first meeting we would like you to answer some questions. Why? This is like a snapshot, a moment in time. So remember, there is no right or wrong in the answers that you give. You do get maximum results by honestly filling out these questions. We have two … Read more

1.3 READ – Prepare for the intake

What are you good at? The purpose of the first meeting is to answer the following questions: Goal of the company? Mission, vision and strategy Is there a SWOT analysis? Distinctive capacity / potential for internationalization? Product / Service (unique qualities / technology) Organization / process (unique production possibilities, scalable, movable) Market / marketing (opportunities … Read more

1.2 READ – What to expect

We schedule approximately 2 hours for the first introductory meeting. During this meeting, your coach will discuss a number of things with you. What is the purpose of the course? What is the goal of your business? What is the Export Canvas? Which countries are the best fit for you? How does the online learning … Read more