4.3 READ – Financial Feasibility

When you start exporting, you suddenly have to pay a lot of extra costs. It is therefore important to check in advance whether you can handle the financial risks. Start thinking about whether you want to (pre) finance these extra costs. Can you take on the debt burden if it appears that it takes longer … Read more

4.2 READ – Export Marketing Mix

After you have determined what your export strategy is, whereby you have opted for standardization, differentiation or focus, you now choose the type of export marketing mix. Again you have three choices: – undifferentiated marketing a company creates one campaign for its entire audience, with all segments seeing the same message – differentiated marketing a … Read more

4.1 READ – Confrontation Matrix

After conducting an internal and external analysis you compose the confrontation matrix. You formulate a number of options how the country/market can be worked most successfully. With the confrontation matrix model and the SWOT analysis, the internal strengths and weaknesses & the external opportunities and threats are confronted with each other.By connecting them you can develop … Read more

→ 4.2.1 EXTRA – Incoterms

To answer the question of how to enter the foreign market, an analysis of the entry possibilities is necessary. Compare the pros and cons of the possible, different channels. IncoTerms 2020 IncoTerms are the selling terms that the buyer and seller of goods both agree to during international transactions. They are part of agreements and contracts. … Read more